Frisbee Golf Set

High Performance Discwing Disc Golf Discs

The disc golf disc putter is designed for both professional disc golfer and beginner. Innova Disc Golf Blizzard Boss is PDGA approved for use on all disc golf courses. The Innova Disc Golf Champion 3-Disc Set is ideal for the improving disc golfer. The INNOVA Starter Disc Golf Bag is lightweight and designed to hold 6 to 12 golf discs. The disc golf discs are specifically designed for players looking to get the most of their shots on a disc golf course. The Double NutSac disc golf bag holds 3 to 14 discs.

The Fun Game Of Frisbee Golf

The Wham-O Mini Frisbee Golf Set is a convenient way to play the fun game of frisbee golf in your own backyard. Disc Golf is a game played with special frisbees which are smaller and heavier than normal frisbees. The Mini Frisbee Golf Set from Wham-O is a kid-scale version of the adult disc golf you know and love. The DISCatcher Mini Target is great for trophies or mini disc golf. A scaled down version of a real frisbee golf target is included for play. The game features six discs and one target, and can be played by ages 5 years and up.

An Indoor Action Disc Game And Target Game

The round continues until the disc has been thrown into the target basket. At Princeton University, Albert Einstein stops to admire a disc throw-and-catch game conducted with a round metal can cover. In the game of Disc Golf, the object is to throw a flying disc from the teeing area and hit your target. Your goal is to throw the disc into the target baskets with as few attempts as possible. The disc golf targets are metal baskets, and the goal is to aim the disc and land it in the wire basket. Disc golf is a game in which individual players throw a flying disc into a basket, net or at a target.

Plastic It Is Made Out Of

Each disc is made from durable plastic and has and easy handling grip. Made with a special blend of plastic, the Dragon has great grip and will float in water. Both are made with the grippy, yet durable, Innova DX plastic. Standard plastic has a great feel and beats in easily, which makes it increasingly easier to throw. The Durability of a disc is ultimately determined by the type of plastic it is made out of. Made with very grippable Pro-D plastic, the XL is a great long distance disc that is incredibly easy to control.

The Beginning Disc Golf Player

You get everything you need to set up your own disc golf game. Without the inner chains though, you will likely be a little disappointed. The goal weighs about 30 pounds, most of which is the chains. The plastic looks so fine, and the artwork is outstanding. The wooden disk should be above the nail, resting on it. The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved.

A Mid Range Driver

You probably have a course near you and do not even know it. Mid-range drivers tend to be the most versatile discs, and are very good for beginners. The most important thing, of course, is a safe environment. For longer drives there are many variations of long-range and extra long-range drivers. Perfect for beginners, the versatile, dependable design is geared toward putting, short to medium drives and accurate approaches. Purchase additional sets to set up a larger course for an even greater challenge.

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