Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller an Unlikely Pair

Golf as in all walks of life is a group effort. Sure the player is the main cog but to fire on all cylinders at the highest level they need a great support system. A big part of Jordan Spieth’s support system includes his caddy Michael Greller.

Michael is a accomplished golfer in his own right having played in the number 2 position on the collegiate golf team at Northwestern. After college he thought his competitive days were overĀ  and he tried sales for a time then moved on to teaching.

He happened into caddying when, while attending the US Amateur Public Links Championships he offered to caddy for free to get closer to the action. He found he had a knack and continued to caddy for some of the top ranked US amateurs.

In 2011 he was looking for golfer to work with and happened upon 17 year old Jordan Spieth at the US Juniors Amateur and they hit it off immediately. They went on to win.

When Jordan decided to turn pro in 2012 he knew just who he wanted to pair with on the bag. He called up Michael and the rest is as they say history.

We will see how the pair fairs through the crucible that is the masters.


2 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller an Unlikely Pair

  1. Glenn

    As an avid PGA Tournament watcher, I would only point out that it may work better to Jordan’s benefit to look for a tested and proven experienced Caddy at this stage of his Career. In both the Masters and the TPC it appeared that Jordan would have benefited a great deal from having a season, experienced Caddy like Fluff who has the experience with both dealing with the head issues of his Golf Pro when shots are missed and the need to quickly refocus, as well as the experience having been on the courses the PGA plays a good number of times in order to help his golfer know the shots needed from specific locations on a course. A well experienced Caddy can make the difference in winning and losing.

    If working to teach an admitted armature to be a Caddy is how one wishes to spend his time in a tournament, that is obviously Jordan’s call. As an avid fan of Jordan Spieth and my desire to see him rise to the number one all time best golfer ever, I am only pointing out that in my observation, it appears he would do himself a favor to look for more experience in a caddy, who can better help him reach his highest potential.

    1. Walter Post author

      Great insights, and I agree largely with your views, but the chemistry that comes from a team working well together will frequently defeat what may on paper appear to be the superior pair.


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