PGA: Ryder Cup

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PGA: Ryder Cup

Michael Jordan’s affinity for golf and cigars is well documented.

But the actual numbers and frequency of how much he enjoys both might be a little surprising.

Jordan told Cigar Aficionado he smokes six cigars daily, plays 36 holes of golf almost every day and carries a bad 4 as a handicap.

Jordan also offered his thoughts on several of the younger stars on the Tour, in addition to Tiger Woods.

On Rory McIlroy: Very talented For someone that small, to generate that much power, is truly amazing. I’m fascinated that with my massive size, these guys can blow it past me.

On Rickie Fowler: He’s a phenomenon in that he resonates with the consumers and the kids.

On Justin Thomas: Talented. I met him when he was 12 years old.

On Jordan Spieth: I just played with him four weeks ago in Cabo. Great kid. Very polite. Very talented. Grinder. He has heart. He has determination. He finds a will to win. That’s Jordan. He doesn’t hit it long. He’s a great putter. A lot of that comes from his hard work.

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