Steph Jordan Obama

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Steph Jordan Obama

There’s no way the term star power does this group justice.

In an Instagram post Monday, there came visual proof that Jordan Spieth, Steph Curry and Barack Obama played golf together. Woah.

Curry’s Golden State Warriors were in Dallas, Spieth’s hometown, playing the Mavericks and former president Obama was in Texaswith other former presidents to support the cause for those affected by recent hurricanes.

So with all three in the same state, they decided to play golf together.

And that’s not all. Curry’s younger brother Seth, who plays for the Mavericks, also was part of this golf outing. So wasUnder Armour CEO Kevin Plank and Jerry West’s son, Johnnie.

Wow, that is a loaded group. Here’s photo evidence of their trip onto the golf course.

Instagram Photo

Pretty cool. A fun but subtle thing: Spieth is the only one in the photo holding a golf club, as he wields his trusty putter. The 24-year-old isn’t money with the flatstick for no reason.

We’re sure many wished they could be a part of this golfing crew. One of those people appears to be famed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Here’s a screenshot of his comment on Spieth’s photo:

Good question, Tom. But let’s be honest, Spieth was probably part of some winning team here.

Whatever the case, we don’t see this convergence of cross-cultural forces on one golf course often.

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